Carved for resonance. The first thing noticed when picking up an electroCoustic is the weight; rather, the lack of weight. You can see we "double carve" the body to increase resonance...and an added benefit is weight reduction. Both of these attributes contribute to the acoustic response. Body cut
Body woods selected for tone. Rather than using a hardwood for the double carved body, we use Western red cedar, renowned worldwide for it's sweet mellow tone. The use of a "real" topwood for our guitars allows a resonance and harmonic blossom that makes our guitars more acoustic than electric, so to speak. electroCoustic bodies
Controls both simple and versatile. The controls, are very simple - a volume knob is placed at the edge of the pickguard where it can be easily controlled using your pinky finger. A "bias" control lets you favor the tone of the humbucker or the piezo and find the most pleasing balance between the two. This bias pot allows you to dial in a multitude of unique acoustic and electric guitar tones, whether itís a fat, sweet jazz tone or a brushy Nashville style rhythm, the electroCoustic will let you find that tone in a hurry. Controls
Hand-carved necks. I personally carve each neck with a spokeshave, unless a commercial neck is specified. This allows a shape that fits your ideas of what a neck should be, with no upcharge for nut width or neck depth. Your choice of lumber with either mahogany or maple. This bass neck shown here is mahogany, with a glossy tung oil finish. Body cut
Quality tuning machines. Standard machines on the guitars are Kluson Deluxe (these have been re-engineered recently and are absolutely the smoothest machines I can find, with a fairly quick ratio), with Sperzel open back machines as an option. Mandolins use cast plate Grovers, and basses are offered with cast covered "bass minis" or HipShot Ultralites as an option. Body cut
While we build to order, we sometimes have instruments in stock, so please call. We're committed to making every instrument we build suit the player in every way. Your order will be processed by me...I have an "open door" policy and a toll free number. I fully welcome your discussion and decisions. Don't hesitate to call us at (816) 332-3264.