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The MagPi system used on our electroCoustics can also be adapted for full acoustic instruments. Whether a flattop, archtop, resonator, acoustic bass guitar or mandolin, the Magpi makes a fully viable, hassle free, passive system a reality for live acoustic performance. Very good stage volume levels can be attained, while requiring a minimum of extra signal processing gear.

We do recommend a less than the most resonant instrument; a mid priced instrument, one with good playability and less resonant characteristics is actually more desirable as this will allow higher gain levels before the instrument begins to interact with the sound system or amplifier.

Modern, inexpensive instruments are vastly superior to their equivalents of 25 years ago. They can be stable, easy playing and in tune....the ideal candidate for a great sounding live rig. We have three examples on this page, a Taylor Big Baby, and a new model import from Aria, the MM20 "Django" style guitar, and the traditonal jazz archtop, an Epiphone Zephyr Regent.

Here are some audio samples of this system:

When you listen to the mp3's, you will recognize great tone and sensitivity from this simple, passive system.

What is on the MagPi system

Included is both the piezo and a dual coil magnetic string pickup, plus a volume and bias control, to allow for a bit more of either pickup in the mix. The installed price starts at $150 for a basic flattop.

An archtop, if it already has a suitable magnetic pickup at the neck position, starts at $120. A Kent Armstrong pickguard mounted magnetic pickup included in the system is $200. We'll also include a new rosewood compensated bridge.

Depending on the particular guitar and the difficulty of the install, the price will vary somewhat. We also have available a clip-on MagPi system for round hole guitars for $150.

For the archtop guitar, most often all that is needed is the piezo part of the equation, since there is usually a magnetic pickup already installed. A bias pot is included, and a switch if there are multiple magnetic pickups on the instrument. Although the MagPi will work with a Tune-O-Matic style bridge, we highly recommend a wood saddle and will include a complete rosewood or ebony bridge in the kit. The archtop recording here has the MagPi rolled more toward the piezo on the rhythm track, while the lead line is more toward the magnetic and a more "traditional" jazz tone.

Acoustic basses, mandolins and resonator guitars will all benefit from the lively tone and reliability of the MagPi system. Call for details on your particular instrument.

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