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Here are a few samples of the many varied sounds that can be coaxed from a Wendler electroCoustic.
Who'll Stop the Rain "Acoustic rhythm".
Clear Stephanie Sante on her 23.5" short scale electroCoustic. Her website is at
Shadow of Your Smile Fingerstyle on the "electroClassic" nylon string.
Angel Eyes Duet. "Acoustic" rhythm with "Jazz" lead. Played on the same guitar, through a Fender Pro Jr. The only tone change settings were on the guitar. Volume and tone of the amp is unchanged between tracks.
Se7en This is Edward Cheung on his three pickup seven string. All guitars on this composition were done with this instrument.
"BrianG" Brian Gingrich with his jazz quintet featuring the 4 string electroCoustic Bass.
In My Solitude "Acoustic archtop" fingerstyle.
God Bless The Child A duet using our prototype all-tube amp.
eC Bass/Jazz Trio Jeremy Cohen on equalization or compression.
Midnite Mood Marcus Willett playing a doubled bass line on the 5-string electroCoustic Bass.
New Kid A Tex-Mex rendition of a popular melody.
Temperance Reel Traditional "crosspicking".
I Will A quartet of electroCoustics featuring Brett Hodges on the electroMando and Dave Wendler playing lap style on the electroBro.
Summer Samba Jim Soloway on the first electroCoustic 7-string. Jim is using Thomastik-Infeld flatwound strings.
All Of Me An electroCoustic mandolin trio. Scott Tichenor on electroMando, Steve Ozark on the electroCoustic bass, and I'm comping rhythm.
electroClassic "classical" Bill Crahan playing a classical piece on the electroClassic.
electroClassic "DADGAD" Bill playing an old timey piece in new age style.
Stomper Strut Clip of the new electroCoustic amp. Bass is direct; guitars are through the amplifier
Billy In The Lowground An old timey flatpickin' tune through the electroCoustic amp.
Spoonman If you've listened to the other mp3's, you've heard jazz, rock, new age, old timey, pop and classical. This is a tune written and performed by Gary Hall. Thanks, Gary for letting me post this. When designing the electroCoustics, this is the primary focus I envisioned for it. The singer/songwriter, as an instrument of expression.

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